Changchun New Area was born in the cradle of New China’s industry and developed quickly, finally as a pioneering front of reform and opening-up and the strategic engine to vitalize Northeastern China in the modern society. With many innovative foreign-funded enterprises gathering here, 270 foreign-funded enterprises and 39 Fortune 500 companies set up in this area. Many international first class talents including 1868 world’s elites and 4314 international students settled here. People from different regions and speaking different languages are going ahead for the same dream. On the road of developing, Changchun New Area will open its door to attract all outstanding people all over the world and you whoever has the “Chinese dream”. In order to attract more and more talents, as the main responsible authority for managing foreigners, Department of Public Security of Jilin Province keeps the same steps with the development of Changchun New Area, and requests support from The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China to make Changchun become the first National New Area in China which implements the special preferential policies for foreign talents. The preferential policies directly benefit the people resident in China permanently, Chinese overseas and international students group and deal with the problems of innovation and startup to provide solid supports and protection for foreign talents starting up new businesses in China. Welcome to Changchun New Area wherever you come from and whichever field you work for, only if you have professional skills and you want to grow up with the New Area together! We low the threshold for high-level talents and customize the “talents standard in Jilin Province” for everyone who desire to join Changchun New Area. Please accept the innovative business startup environment we create for you, with your great passion, you may start steadily, accumulate more experience and exercise yourselves to be specialists, masters and the global top talents. We open arms and send warm to overseas Chinese and ethnic Chinese who has strong attachment and devotion to their motherland. Please accept the special channels for permanent residence we open up for you, as we know only the Chinese “Green Card” can relieve your homesickness. We tightly roll up the arms of international students in China and provide home for youthful students who continuously expect to contribute their youth here. Please accept the Start-Up Visa and work permit we prepare for you, let us breathe and live in Changchun New Area together and overlook the whole China from here. You will be the most beautiful people we encounter in the way of pursuing dream and your story with Changchun New Area will be the most wonderful on the way forward. Again, Changchun New Area ceremoniously invites you to join us! From now to future, let us make joint efforts to achieve the Chinese dream!